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On the eve of World War I, the Martians from the original H.G. Wells classic have returned to finish what they started, but this time humanity is ready. Armed with steam-powered battle machines created from reverse-engineered alien technology, the global defense force A.R.E.S. prepares for the coming conflict as tensions rise in Europe.


Captain Eric Wells, an orphan of the first War of the Worlds, commands Earth's newest, most formidable weapon... the colossal battle tripod GOLIATH.

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Seeing the tripods again was like visiting old friends - deadly friends, ones that Whitlatch has brought back to life with enormous verve and gusto. Highly recommended.

                                                                                                - William Meikle, Author of The Invasion

From the opening scene to the end of the story I was captivated. [...] Good ole' Teddy would be damn proud of this work, damn proud, indeed.

                                                      - Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Author of the Extinction Cycle Series


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