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31 Days of Halloween 2018

Every year, I try to watch 31 horror movies during October. Sometimes I watch old favorites, and sometimes I watch new flicks. This year, I'm going to let you help me pick the lineup.

If there's a scary movie, either recent or classic, that you'd like me to watch and review on this blog, leave a comment. If I pick your movie, you'll get a shoutout in the review! I'd prefer movies that are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Tubi (if you haven't heard of Tubi, it's a gold mine for more obscure B-movies). If it's not on one of those sites, it can't hurt to suggest it anyway. I have a decent collection on blu-ray and DVD, so I might surprise you.

I won't watch torture porn movies like Saw or Hostel, so don't bother suggesting those. I want scares, not gross-out flicks.

See you on October 1st, boils and ghouls!

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Sep 27, 2018

Added "Puppet Master" to my lineup. I'll have to check on some of the other suggestions. I *think* I have the original Amityville Horror on DVD. I wanna say it came in a two-pack with the remake.


Amittyville Horro (1979), Psycho (1960), American Werewolf in London (1981) and From Dusk till Dawn (1996) for some lighthearted horror accompanied by vampire strippers :). Hoping you have these in your library, if not I’ll look through Netflix and Tubi to see what looks good.


My favorite "horror" series is the Puppet Master series. It's so bad in places that it's almost hysterical. It's the only "horror" series produced in the last 30 years that I'll watch. Older movies that have my seal of approval are "I Walked With A Zombie", "Island of Lost Souls" (The 1932 version), and "Dracula" (1931 version).

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