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A New Cover for October Ballet

I'll be honest. I've never been truly happy with the original October Ballet cover. The font work was the worst. Plus, as gorgeous as the photograph of falling leaves is, the bright canary yellow was a bit much.

I can admit that now.

The truth is October Ballet was the very first cover I did with no outside help. It was just me and a basic, free version of Lucid Press.

Well, maybe it's the fact that autumn is in the air and the leaves on the maple in my front yard have already started to turn and drop... or maybe quarantine is just getting to me. Either way, I decided it was time for a change, so October Ballet is finally getting a much-deserved facelift with both a new cover and a new, reformatted ebook.

October Ballet has never looked this good.

I've uploaded the new files to all of the online stores, and we should start seeing the new cover popping up in the next two to three days.

If you've never read October Ballet, there's never been a better time. The collection contains a lot of my earlier work, mostly in the horror genre before I made the big jump to science fiction. There's even an earlier version of "The Weller - Land of Plenty," which appears in a different form in The Weller.

So sit down in your favorite chair and dance the October Ballet with me, whether you're revisiting the past or if it's your first time.

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