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Cargo - Day 3/31 Days of Halloween

Hello again! I see you survived day two, so welcome to day three of our 31-day fright fest. Today's movie is the 2017 film Cargo.

Cargo stars Martin Freeman as Andy, a husband and father who is on the run after a viral outbreak has stricken the population of Australia. After Andy's wife is bitten by one of the infected on a wrecked boat while scavenging, Andy tries to get her help, but in the process is bitten and infected himself, leaving him with only forty-eight hours before he turns... and his infant daughter Rosie to care for.

Andy scours the outback for suitable surrogate caregivers for Rosie, but along the way finds himself entangled with both the best and worst of humanity as he must weigh his daughter's safety and future against the ambitions of the other survivors he encounters.

Wow... this movie was powerful. A complete emotional roller coaster. If you're reading this blog, then chances are you're at least aware of my post-apocalyptic novel The Weller. I've done a lot of research on survivalism and watched a lot of post-apocalyptic films and television series, and as a parent, the exact scenario presented in this film has always plagued me. Could I protect and provide for my children without my wife if society breaks down? Could she without me? What would our children do if they lost both of us? Cargo tackles these difficult questions.

This film features some of the coolest zombies I've ever seen. As a genre, I think zombies are overdone and it's far past time for them to go back in the coffin for a decade or so, but every once in a while, somebody goes and does something neat to reinvent them. These zombies seem to have an aversion to light and will either hibernate in the dark with their faces pressed against a wall, or will dig holes to bury their heads in until nightfall. The moments when Andy begins to display these behaviors really amp up the suspense as his countdown ticks away.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film. I encourage viewers to watch it with an open mind. Don't judge the mistakes the characters make, because chances are you'd do the same. Human nature is a real bitch. Again, watch it with an open mind and ask yourself... am I ready for this?

Stay scared, fiends.

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