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Fear of the Dark Audio Preview

We're getting closer to The Weller - Fear of the Dark's Audible debut! I just finished listening to the full audiobook, and I must say that Zachary Johnson's performance is astounding! The narration includes lots of little touches that enhance the listening experience, and it's clear that Zachary had the time of his life narrating this book.

You don't have to take my word for it, however, because Zachary has invited us all into his recording studio to watch and listen as he reads chapter one. I love how animated he gets when he reads the road pirates' dialogue, and it makes me wish I'd written more of it for him.

Once Zachary records the changes I've requested (don't worry, it's not a long list), we'll be ready to submit the audiobook to Audible for sale. Hopefully listeners will be enjoying Fear of the Dark by early to mid-August.

As an added treat, the audiobook will also include a sneak peak of the third installment in the series, The Weller - Viva Las Vegas!

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