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Fringe Runner - Book Review

Last night, after being forced to put it down for an agonizingly long convention weekend, I finally found time to finish reading my friend Rachel Aukes' fantastic space opera adventure Fringe Runner.

Fringe Runner is about a ragtag crew on a spaceship that is falling apart just trying to make a (mostly) honest living out in the fringes of space. Unfortunately they find themselves unwittingly drafted into an uprising against the governing body of all of the human colony planets.

If you're a fan of Firefly, then this novel will help quench your thirst for more of that "space cowboy" kind of fun while also leaving you hungry for so much more. And good news! There are sequels. And I plan to pick up and read those sequels as soon as I'm able, because I can't get enough of this gang of lovable outlaws. Especially Throttle. Throttle is amazing, and I need more of her.

Five stars out of five! *****

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