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Temujin Lives!

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

At long last, the follow up to my young adult military science fiction epic Birthright is coming! Alex Walker and his crew of super-powered misfits will return, along with their nemesis Temujin, in War Machines - Book II of the Temujin Saga.

Puppeteer Lee lends his brush once again for a stunning digital painting that will wrap around the paperback edition. The cover features one of our heroes, Samrai, battling a Death Walker.

While this book has been a long time coming, I promise that the third installment won't take nearly as long. Once War Machines hits stores, I will immediately begin work on the trilogy's conclusion, the title of which will be revealed in War Machines.

Once again, I'll be posting sample chapters on my Patreon for those who can't wait for the final release. Subscribing also grants access to notes, outlines, sketches, and other exclusive behind-the-scenes material not available anywhere else.

Prepare yourself, Earthlings, because the war continues in 2022.


The entire world is abuzz with news and speculation about Earth’s newest heroes, the Terran Defense Corps. But who are they? Where do they come from? What are their true intentions? There’s only one question on the TDC’s minds, however, and that is… Where is Temujin?

Humbled by his recent defeat but not broken, Temujin labors in secret to rebuild his forces so that he may strike back against his enemies and deal the finishing blow. A brilliant doctor holds the key to unlocking the full deadly potential of Temujin’s war machines.

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