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Weller 2 Cover Reveal

Updated: Mar 4, 2020


The wait is almost over for fans of my post-apocalyptic adventure series The Weller! The book is currently with beta readers, and the feedback so far has been fantastic.

Yesterday, I woke to a pleasant surprise in my email: a sneak peek at the still in-progress Weller 2 cover art. As usual, Puppeteer Lee’s work blew me away, and I sat up in bed and literally shouted, "Oh, my God! It's beautiful!" I couldn’t wait to see what the art would look like on a book cover template, and again... I was not disappointed. Keep in mind that this artwork is still in progress, and the artwork pictured is by no means finalized. The print edition will feature full wraparound artwork on the spine and back.


Sharp-eyed Birthright fans will recognize Puppeteer Lee’s style from that book’s cover.

Weller fans can expect Fear of the Dark to hit bookstores sometime mid-April. Remember, the original Weller adventure is now only 99¢ on ebook! Get it for your preferred device here.  

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