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Weller 2 Ebook Available NOW

The day is finally upon us! The Weller - Fear of the Dark is available NOW for your favorite e-reader!

The paperback edition will follow soon.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent cancellation of several fan conventions, I was forced to abandon my initial plan for a big unveiling and release at Demicon 31. To give those in self-isolation and quarantine something to pass the time, I went ahead and released the ebook edition.

You can purchase The Weller - Fear of the Dark for your preferred e-reading device here.

But that's not all. I have also updated both the ebook and paperback editions of both The Weller and The Weller - Night of the Cicada! Both editions of each title have received a facelift, but worry not... the stories remain exactly the same. To celebrate the release of Fear of the Dark, both The Weller and Night of the Cicada are only 99¢!

Be safe, stay healthy, and hunker down with a good book in the dark... unless you're afraid.

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