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A Vampire Fan Favorite Returns in the Heartbreak Edition

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Vengeance for My Valentine Harcover Books=

When Vengeance for My Valentine first hit stores in 2018, I wanted cover art that would shock readers and draw vampire fans in. At the time, the bloody heart seemed to only accomplish the former, so I swapped it out for a more tame (but no less breathtaking) cover image for the second edition. After returning to the convention and festival circuit after two years of Covid-19, however, it seems fans are finally responding to it. I’ve been trying to unload my remaining stock of the first edition for some time, and now that I only have a handful of them left, they’re flying off my table at every event.

Only a fool doesn’t pay attention to the fans, but with the second edition sporting a gorgeous wraparound painting by Protoguy, what am I to do? Introducing the Heartbreak Edition! This Barnes & Noble exclusive hardcover edition contains the same hard-hitting vampire story the fans know and love wrapped in a gruesome dust jacket.

The Heartbreak Edition can be yours for $19.99. Click here to order today!

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