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New "Temujin Saga" Short Story!

I have a holiday surprise for you, friends! Just to show Birthright fans that I haven't forgotten about them while I've been working on The Weller: Fear of the Dark, I have just released a short story follow up to Birthright called Five Stories Up.

After a lightning strike damages his suit's systems, Samrai and his brother Moe find themselves stranded in a strange city with the United States Air Force hot on their trail. With no reinforcements, the Replodians must hold their own against an old foe with a score to settle.

Five Stories Up came from this year's Burlington Bloodbath competition, sponsored by Chris Murphy at Burlington By The Book in beautiful downtown Burlington, Iowa.

The ebook is available NOW on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play, and will soon be coming to Apple iBooks. Click here to download the story from your preferred digital store. Paperback edition also coming soon for serious "Temujin Saga" collectors!

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