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Night of the Creeps - 11/31 Days of Halloween

Oh, man! Do I have a treat for you today, kids! Today's movie is the first movie I ever owned on blu-ray, and it was definitely a damn good choice. Today's thriller is 1986's Night of the Creeps.

Night of the Creeps opens on an alien spaceship where a zombified penis on legs is running away from two other alien phalluses. The runaway jettisons a canister into space, which falls to Earth and is mistaken for a shooting star by two lovers in 1959. A policeman (the girl's former lover) tries to warn the teens about an escaped maniac, but they pay him no heed and take off in search of the object. The boy finds the cylinder and is attacked by the slugs inside while the girl is attacked by the escaped, axe-wielding psycho. Fast forward to 1986, and two nerds named Chris and J.C. break into a medical research facility in order to obtain a corpse for a fraternity prank. They inadvertently wake up an infected corpse from 1959, unleashing a zombie outbreak upon the campus. Chris must team up with the policeman from the beginning of the film, who is now a detective, to destroy the undead.

From beginning to end, Night of the Creeps is an absolute trip, not to mention a love letter to horror and science fiction fans. The major characters' last names are all homages to famous directors such as Hooper, Cameron, Romero, Landis, Cronenberg, and Raimi. Tom Atkins gives a show-stealing performance at Detective Roy Cameron. His one liners add the perfect comedy to a script that is already too outrageous to really be taken too seriously. The effects run from silly to superb, complementing the blend of horror and comedy perfectly.

I highly recommend this one. Pop a big bowl of extra buttery popcorn and crack open a couple ice-cold beers with your sweetheart. Just hope your head doesn't split open from all the grinning.

Thrill me!

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