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VENGEANCE Audiobook Progress

Banana Tootsie Pops help me concentrate.

I've got a really full plate when it comes to my writing projects right now. Aside from working on the first draft of the Weller sequel The Weller: Fear of the Dark, I've also been slowly working on editing and fleshing out the short story from this year's Burlington Bloodbath writing competition, Five Stories Up. For those who didn't follow the contest as it was happening on Facebook, this story is set in the Birthright universe, featuring Sam and Moe. The Replodians are separated from the rest of the team, stranded, and find themselves hunted by an old adversary. Like my previous Bloodbath story, The Weller: Night of the Cicada, I've decided to pump up and release this story for my fans. Depending on the length, it may simply be an ebook release. We'll see what the final word count turns out to be.

But the project that's been taking up most of my time lately is the audio edition of Vengeance For My Valentine. The audiobook, narrated by Rich Callahan, is expected to release this fall. I'm hoping to have it ready in time for Halloween.

I'm currently reviewing the second pass, having already sent Rich my first round of notes. This second set of files is much cleaner, and the wrinkles with the main characters' voices have been ironed out. I think listeners will really enjoy this take on my work.

Well, back to it! Enjoy your weekend, friends! And be sure to check in on Monday October 1st for my first post of "31 Days of Halloween" movie reviews!

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