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VENGEANCE Cover Reveal!

The day is finally here. I'm finally ready to reveal the cover to my upcoming vampire novel, Vengeance For My Valentine, to the general public. Up until now, the cover has been exclusive to Patreon supporters.

Vengeance For My Valentine will be released later this spring. I do not have a firm release date yet, however, I am hoping to have the book ready and printed in time for Demicon in May.


When his fiancée is brutally murdered on Valentine’s Day, Ash Corvus is unwittingly plunged into the nightmarish underworld of the Arpadeem, or as the movies call them…


Ash must cast off his humanity and become a monster himself if he hopes to bring vengeance upon the monster who murdered his love… the man with the scar.

Watch the site and my official Facebook page for updates on this title.

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